Ready Mix Concrete

West Cork & South Kerry

Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

Gloun Stone Quarries ready mix concrete is the most versatile, cost-effective building material and is crucial in nearly all kinds of construction. Its ingredients developed in ancient Rome – cement, water and aggregates such as sand, crushed stone, or gravel – are combined to create monuments and structures that stand the test of time.

All our ready mix concrete is made using the stone quarried from our site and extensively researched and developed to ensure that the mix is designed for the maximum quality and strength.

Readymix & Aggregate Concrete Options

  • All strengths from 10N to 50N
  • Fine aggregate or course aggregate
  • Range of fibres
  • Concrete conveyor
  • 20mm & 10mm chip
  • Pump mix concrete
  • Agri-grade concrete

All our concrete is NSAI accredited for EN 206 2013.

Concrete for Commercial, Agricultural & Domestic Uses

All our concrete is produced after consultation and discussion with the customer to identify their specific requirements. By adopting the proportion of water, aggregates, and cement in the mix, we produce concrete to specification in respect of strength, durability and workability. We also use admixtures to customise our concrete to ensure that it is consistent with the transportation time from our plant to the project, weather conditions on site, and the customer’s specification.

Gloun Stone Quarries produce and deliver an extensive range of concrete products suitable for use in a wide variety of construction projects from major civil engineering works to domestic projects.

All products are Pyrite free.

Concrete Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the quantity of concrete required for your project. Please note that this is a guide only.

Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls

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